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Princeton University Master Plan



  • CLIENT: Princeton University

  • LOCATION: Princeton, New Jersey

  • SIZE: 300 acres

  • COLLABORATORS: Urban Strategies Inc.

  • SERVICES: Sustainability Planning, Resilience Strategy


Integrating Innovative and Sustainable Design Practices Into the Planning Process

Princeton University is engaged in a long-range planning effort to envision how the campus will evolve and expand over the next 30 years. The plan includes evaluations of the evolution of real estate assets; the applicability of growth, density, transportation and mixed-use planning principles; schemes to reduce carbon output; and the relationship between land use planning and academic pedagogy. 

As a core member of a planning team led by Urban Strategies, LEVEL is spearheading the sustainability aspects of the two-year planning assignment. LEVEL is collaborating to integrate innovative and sustainable design practices into every component of the planning process. By leading the discourse on university-wide issues of sustainability and resilience, LEVEL is ensuring that goals are embedded and holistic visions are aligned throughout the entirety of the long-range planning effort. 




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